Social Investment Market Place Links

A project bringing together investors, commissioners and service providers to explore ways that social investment could transform the delivery, sustainability and social impact of services across Devon, Plymouth and Torbay.

The website aims to give our stakeholders a ‘SIMPL’ overview of our activities, both local and regional, as well as learnings from these activities and resources about social investment.

Another aim is to…

strengthen the three-way relationship between investors, commissioners and service providers so that more effective solutions are being brought forward in the domain of complex life issues.

The project team regards itself as being ‘agnostic’ with regards to social investment: they don’t believe social investment is the answer to everything, in all cases. They are committed to raising awareness and knowledge about social investment. Informed decisions about whether of not to go for social investment would be considered a successful outcome.


This project is all about connecting what is already out there about Social Investment.

For the links to resources, both from the SIMPL project team and other organisations in the UK, please go here.

Would you like to get involved? Please go to our Event page to learn about the SIMPL activities.

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