Good Finance, a website that aims to be the one-stop-shop when it comes to Social Investment. This collaborative project helps to improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises.

Go here first to understand social investment, what it is, what types of social investment exist and who provides it.  Find out whether social investment is right for your organisation and what the next steps are. 

Diagnostic Tool

To help you decide if social investment is right for your organisation, Good Finance have produced a simple diagnostic tool that takes only 2-3 minutes to complete. Click here to access the diagnostic tool.

Social Investor & Advisor Database

Good Finance have a searchable database of social investors and advisors: click here to find social investors or advisors that may be able to support your organisation.

Case Studies

To browse Good Finance’s case studies click here to see how organisations across the UK are already using social investment.

Plan & Measure Your Social Impact

Good social impact evidence can help organisations to improve their services, compare achievements with similar organisations and communicate the difference they are making to be able to attract investment. Click here to use Good Finance’s outcomes matrix tool to help plan and measure your organisation’s social impact.

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