On 2nd May 2019, over 105 delegates came together to explore how funders (investors, grantmakers, commissioners) can work together to create a collaborative-by-design system of finance. Listen to the ‘little heresies’, reflections and challenges at this ‘Losing Control with Funding & Social Finance’ event.

1st Podcast – Challenges and Expectations

Listen in to the expectations of delegates as they chew the fat; we hear about their expectations, the challenges they face and the key messages that they would like to get across. Join Sam Magne from The National Lottery Community Fund, Gareth Hart from Iridescent Ideas, Will Lilley from South West Academic Health Science Network and Imogen Potter and Matt Bell from POP+

2nd Podcast – The Little Heresies

Dip into the thought-provoking insights arising from the ‘Little Heresies’ sessions, based on the following provocative statements: #1 Accountability for delivering results cannot exist in complex environments. #2 More participation and diversity always makes better decision making. #3 By not aligning funds, funders are actively choosing poor outcomes. #4 Managing performance by outcomes perpetuates harm.

3rd Podcast – Reflecting Together

Can we structure social investment to incentivise positive system behaviours? When and why do funders collaborate & not collaborate? What are the options for income generation? Join Sam Magne, Clare Fitzgerald, Frances Northrop, Hanna Lim and Gareth Hart as they throw ideas up in the air… to see how money can be made to work harder in areas that really matter.

4th Podcast – Losing control: releasing power to promote social change

Join SIMPL event organiser, Aydin Boyacigiller and Ab Brightman, Losing Control Ambassador to see how Losing Control has influenced the views of Sam, Gareth, Will, Imogen and Matt. Are we witnessing a quiet revolution? Carol Botten from VONNE picks up the story.